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Cigarette smoking machine

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The automated and software controlled SIU24 cigarette smoking machine is designed and developed in close cooperation with world-leading respiratory researchers and it is the number one choice for respiratory research on small animals. Siu24 / Siu48 can use cigarettes without filters.

The SIU24 system has been used in several studies world wide. Just search on google

”SIU48 promech Vintrie”.

The compact design of the SIU24 cigarette smoking machine along with the user-friendly interface makes the system easy to set up and easy to run.

The SIU24 is a further development of the original SIU48 cigarette smoking machine which went out of production in 2006. The difference between the two models is the size of the cigarette wheel.

The SIU24 system is available in four different set-ups wich means that the cigarette smoking machine system can be placed in virtually any laboratory with an external ventilation system.

Depending on the set-up, two or four custom-made laser-based contamination-free smoke monitoring units 101 (SMU101) are included in the SIU24 system and the LabVIEW® control software saves all measurement data for future reference and analysis.

For further information please refer to the download section below.

SIU24 product information

SIU24 product catalogue 2011 Download PDF

SIU24 documentation

SIU24 Risk assessment Download PDF

SIU24 User Guide Download PDF

Smoke Monitoring Unit 101 charts Download PDF